Tomorrow is the day!

*This is my first time using WordPress so please bear with me

ANYWAYS YES. Tomorrow is indeed a really big and special day for me….


Most of you already know the reason behind it however those who don’t..

On 6th April, 1999, I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, a birth defect that affects the nose, lip, speech and jaw growth. For those who don’t know about this birth defect. It is basically a birth defect and it occurs when a baby’s lip and palate (roof of your mouth) does not develop properly and the tissues don’t fuse during pregnancy hence, the baby is born with an opening in the lip (upper palate) causing a gap between the nostrils and the upper lip (google it up, it’s pretty interesting). Fixing this issue requires many, many surgeries. I had my first cleft reconstructive surgery when I was about 6 weeks old- This surgery was to sew my lips together. My next surgery came around when I was about 16 months old- This surgery was made to close my upper palate. At the age of 2 and 11, I had my bone grafting surgery – where they took a piece of my hip bone and placed it into the gums of my upper lip (I have two stitches on both sides of my hipbone- 3 inches stitch on the left side and 7 inch on the right). Rest surgeries that I’ve had were lip repair, nasal floor repair and nose revision reconstructive surgery. Till now, I’ve had nearly 11 surgeries altogether to fix this birth defect and still have a while to go before all my surgeries of all stages are completed.

This year since I turned 17, it was time that I got my jaws fixed. Yes. You read it correct. Due to this birth condition, I have a severe underbite, which means my bottom jaw grows more than my upper jaw. A “normal” bite means that the top jaw sits in front of the bottom jaw. However, people who are born with this birth defect are more likely to have jaw growth issues and will either be born with an ‘overbite’ or an ‘underbite’. Since, my lower jaw comes out farther than my upper jaw, in the surgery, they will cut and remove the bone from my lower jaw so that it could be pushed back. They will also cut the upper jaw and push it forward to make sure that my bite closes properly. It’s extremely awful (as you can imagine) both jaws will be broken and screws will be placed all around both jaws to hold it in its new posture.

So Yes. TOMORROW (6th July) is the day I am having my surgery. This surgery is known as the “Orthognathic Jaw surgery” and this will be done to fix my jaw deformity. Believe me, as much as I am nervous for tomorrow, I’m also excited to say GOODBYE to my underbite. It’s a relief knowing that I’ll no longer feel like “that girl with a crooked face”.

Few days ago, I had an appointment to draw out 250 ml of blood out from my body. Initially, they decided to draw out 3-4 liters but they didn’t (thank god for that, I would have fainted). Well, looking at the thickness of the needle, I nearly fainted (haha) but I took a deep breath when she pricked me and it was all fine. The process took about 10 minutes. The minute I got up from my seat, I did feel a bit dizzy I mean of course, so much blood had been taken out from my body so it was ought to feel a bit weak. B

Today, I was hospitalized at around 3:30 PM. The day went really slow and honestly, it was quite boring. WiFi kept going on and off which made it even more boring. Two hours later, the nurse came in to call me out for the remaining x-rays to be done. I got my chest x-ray, CT of 3D scan done. I got my blood pressure checked as well. I got back into my private room. (the room is heaven- got the perfect view of the mountains outside). 


I also got the I.V drip inserted today (as you can see in the photo above). After 12 AM tonight, I cannot eat or drink (not even water) anything until morning and till several hours after my surgery. 

My surgery will probably start at 8 or 8:30 Am 

Hmm…I am soooooo ready to get this DONE!

NOTE: I’ve kept this really short but in the next blog (depends which post-op day I will feel energetic to use my phone/laptop), I decided to document my experience before, during and after and will write more about my journey and how I have grown up living with this birth condition in the hope to help and inform anyone else having gone through, thinking about going through, or at the moment going through the same process! For the others, my blog posts may be “useless” but if you could take out some time of yours to read it up, thank you so much!

I will post soon again! 

Here’s the link to my next blog-



Goodnight! 🙂 



9 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the day!

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  1. Oh my god…. I even dnt realise how difficult was it for u Nanu ….. Must say that u r brave girl… of luck Nanu and believe in God everything will be alright
    V all r with u…. Love u

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  2. Hey there Niharika!

    We don’t know each other, but I got to know about your surgery, through your sister ,Shivika Jain’s Fb post.

    I decided to actually give your blog a read, as your sister’s post itself sparked my curiosity as to the nature of your surgery. After reading your blog, I came to know what exactly your condition has been, along with a google search on your issue.
    Reading further…it seems you’re a pretty strong woman mentally & uve got a nice chilled out side to you as well, which is a pleasure to observe through your writing.

    I wish you all the very BEST, & hope that, more than your surgery going successful (it obviously should), please keep it up with the amazing mindset you have & your optimistic outlook.

    Stay blessed, stay strong, & may your actions result in the best possible endeavors of life. My best wishes to you & ur family.

    Peace out from an engineering student in Pune 🙂

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  3. Hi just wanted to say I liked your writing and I can relate so much. I’m 38 years old and I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate along with some other birth defects like being born without a left leg and my right toes webbed. Hope you’re doing good. I almost forgot my name is Maggie

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much! I genuinely think that you are truly much more stronger to have been baring much more than just having a cleft. It takes a lot of strength to live with so many defects. You are a true role model. I hope you always stay happy and no matter how tough life gets, always remember how strong you are and how you are the reason why others find their strengths within themselves. I really look up to you!! On the other note, I am doing much better and recovering very quick. Can’t wait to put this all behind me 😀 Good luck to you too ❤ xx


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