Rhinoplasty 6 Weeks Post-Op!

Oh, my! Life has been intense the past month. If you have been reading my previous blog posts, you would know this is the second surgery I have undergone after my double jaw surgery. Well, actually totally transparency: another MAJOR surgery. Surprisingly I’m a very private person in many ways but ever since I came... Continue Reading →


Should I Go Under the Knife? (Part 2)

You all deserve a medal if you’ve managed to read this whole thing, I’m sorry it’s ridiculously long – but I wanted to put together a comprehensive guide all over again explaining WHY I am going under this surgery, what surgeries I am undergoing and lastly, what each surgery involves (for anyone who is interested... Continue Reading →

7 Months Out

**I am so sorry it’s taken so long to post an update. But please look at it this way: life does go on after double jaw surgery. It’s not perfect… but you don’t think about it enough to update your blog! 🙂 Soo, I'm currently on my bed with my laptop propped up, on my... Continue Reading →

The 3-Month Update!

Being 3 months post op calls for another Jaw Surgery update. Sorry not sorry. In the past 2 months, I have had handful of people messaging me to say that my blog has inspired them in many ways. Which honestly feels so great to hear! Thank you all so much for that!  Firstly, I am... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow is the day!

*This is my first time using WordPress so please bear with me ANYWAYS YES. Tomorrow is indeed a really big and special day for me…. WHY? Most of you already know the reason behind it however those who don't.. On 6th April, 1999, I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, a birth... Continue Reading →

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